Mum who couldn’t afford a new sofa renews her couch in couple of minutes

Sofa covers are not a new thing, but they have been vastly improved in recent years and now come in lots of colors and sizes to really help you up your sofa style game, so you can get the look of a designer couch without splashing the cash. It also means you can hang on to your much loved and comfy sofa but can switch the print up to give your room a new lease of life and save money while doing so.

Transforming your home doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg. Sometimes, by updating just one element, you can change the whole perspective of the room.

Transform your Sofa in Couple of Minutes

Whether your couch is brand-new or decades old, a washable Coverlastic will help to keep it looking fresh at all times. They're the perfect idea if you have kids, have a tendency to spill things on the couch, or you just love to spend time while pet-sitting your companion. You can easily remove and wash covers, while of course cleaning your actual sofa is a far more arduous task.

An interior fanatic Anna Swan shares a budget-friendly trick that will update your beloved sofa in minutes - and without the expensive price-tag

Anna had her sofa for more than 7 years and couldn’t afford to replace it. As a money saving single mum, she decided to buy some Coverlastic covers, making her sofas look as good as new. She was able to transform her two-person sofa in less than two minutes. This tip is an excellent alternative to update a tired-looking couch, compared to getting it re-upholstered, which can cost anything from $950.00 upwards.

The cover is high-stretch and can be bought for any couch size. The DIY enthusiast opted for a square-shaped pattern with neutral, earthy tones, complementing the color scheme in her lounge. Coverlastic offers six different colors and four different sizes of covers to match any needs.

She shared this transformation video on her social-media site and added: “Really changed my whole room, comfortable and best of all you can wash them”. Her post has proved a hit with other homeowners, who have been inspired to revamp their own couches for a fraction of the cost of buying a new one.

Anna S. was praised for the hack by fellow DIY enthusiasts, who commented" Looks great" and "Sooo cute!!!".

The Coverlastic cover is available in multiple colors and sizes and can be shipped globally.

In fact, Coverlastic is now offering a 50% discount for slipcover which can be chosen from four sizes and six different colors.

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