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Tired of Your Old and Dirty Sofa?

Upgrade Your Living Room with Low Cost and Zero Effort!

  • Waterproof: Coverlastic sofa cover is made of high quality, 100% liquid repellent materials. Spill and splash away - Coverlastic has you covered!
  • One Size Fits All: 4 different variations: cover your couch, armchair, love seat or even XL sofa / bed! STRETCHY & flexible material ensures ALL SIZE coverage.
  • Pet Friendly: Pets making a mess? Coverlastic prevents stains + it is reinforced with an ammonia deodorizing finish! Deodorant layer protects from foul smells and microbes.
  • Restore Wistful Comforts: Replacing your furniture is a huge investment and a daunting task. Using a Coverlastic sofa cover you can make your worn out couch look brand new and save money at the same time!

Easy to Install

Refresh the look of your sofa. Update your living room in an instant.

Drape the slipcover at sofa, and stretch the fabric over and down arms.

Find the sofa arm position and put the slipcover on.

Stretch the slipcover down, and ensure elastic band underneath the bottom side of sofa.

Use the styrofoam and pull any excess fabric from the middle of the sitting area toward the arm.

See it in action

Receive 50% OFF discount if you order now. Hurry up - while stock lasts!
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Elastic Bottom Super Stretchy Material
(Fits Any Couch)
Machine Washable Perfect Fit

No Stains, No Hassle: Reclaim Your Living Room with Coverlastic Sofa Cover!

  • Live Free

    We get it - it is hard to kick back and relax on your favorite couch while constantly fretting about stains & spillage! Coverlastic helps you forget everyday hassles: simply pop it on the sofa and enjoy yourself like never before. Coverlastic sofa covers bring life back to your living room!

  • Restore the Old Favorites

    Replacing your worn out furniture can be a daunting task. It’s even harder if you have to get rid of the old family couch that brings so many wonderful memories! Why throw out the things you love? Coverlastic revives the fading beauties and restores them to pristine condition.

  • Kids + Pets ≠ Mess

    It is not easy to keep your house clean - as a pet owner and a mother of two I can attest to that! Nothing brings me more joy than seeing the little ones happy or snuggling my dogs. Now I can do that without stressing out about the inevitable mess: Coverlastic is liquid repellent and machine washable + its ammonia deodorizing finish protects from microbes. Coverlastic sofa cover lets you enjoy the precious moments worry-free. It protects against tearing as well!

Elastic Bottom Super Stretchy Material
(Fits Any Couch)
Machine Washable Perfect Fit

Real Life Scenarios

For Pet Owners

Stains, fur, scratches, tears! We love our pets, but our sofas deserve better. Coverlastic will let your little friends enjoy themselves damage-free!

For Families

Children and mess go hand in hand: a known fact to any parent. Coverlastic allows your children to play without staining your sofa. Once the cover is dirty, pop it into the washing machine - quick and simple!

For Smart Savers

Have a favorite spot on the couch? Of course you do, everyone can see the crease! Cover it with Coverlastic and restore your sofa’s original flawless look today!

For Tenants

Renting your place for strangers? Frequent house parties and irresponsible tenants can irreparably damage your precious possessions. Safeguard your furniture with Coverlastic!

Frequently asked questions

Q: Will Coverlastic fit on my sofa?

A: Coverlastic comes in 4 sizes: chair (79 - 119 cm) - (32 - 47 inch), loveseat (140-175 cm) - (55 - 69 inch), sofa (180 - 230 cm) - (71 - 91 inch) and XL sofa / bed (230 - 280 cm) - (91 - 110 inch). Coverlastic is made from durable, stretchy spandex lycra, it can accommodate many size variations!

Q: Does Coverlastic protect from liquid and food stains?

A: Yes it does! Coverlastic is made from 100% waterproof material which is resistant to most of the liquid spillages.

Q: What colors can I choose from?

A: Coverlastic comes in sand yellow, dark brown, light brown, black, grey or navy blue.

Q: Is Coverlastic pet friendly?

A: Absolutely! Coverlastic sofa cover is reinforced with an ammonia deodorizing finish which protects from bad smells and microbes. Perfect for pet owners!

Q: How should I clean the Coverlastic sofa cover?

A: Coverlastic is machine washable; just make sure to wash it separately from your other laundry!

Receive 50% OFF discount if you order now. Hurry up - while stock lasts!
Get -50% discount

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Limited Time Promo: 50% Off Coverlastic Sofa Cover

Get -50% discount
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